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Featured Content : Animalistic

The bakery was just beginning to wind down from the lunch rush leaving two winded employees behind the counter. “Let’s go out tonight.” Indigo decided while stretching their arms high above their head. “Oh yeah? Where?” Mari asked, busy putting fresh pastries in the display. “The usual?” Indigo offered. Mari was squinting to better clean out crumbs when she laughed, “Okay. Which one though?”

Just then a man walked into the shop. “Oh god. Can you take this one? He’s such a pain the ass.” Indigo mumbled, moving around Mari to take over the display. “Yeah. Why?” Mari whispered though she never received an answer. The man was already waiting. Stepping over to the register Mari put on a smile. “Welcome! What can I help you with today?”

The man wasn’t that much taller than her with a sullen expression seemingly etched permanently on his features and bleak eyes staring down uninterested. “Black coffee, but not too bitter.” His voice was deep almost sounded…compressed to her. “…Okay.” Mari began to ring him up, “Do you have any allergies? She cast him a brief glance. “No.” He answered plainly. Mari nodded to herself and finished ringing him up, but before she could even announce the total he was already handing over money. “-Thanks,” Mari smiled, “It’ll be right up.” Leaving to brew his coffee she felt Indigo at her side. “Black coffee, but not too bitter?” Mari bit her bottom lip while running her eyes across possible additives. “And he has no idea what he likes. Every time it’s a shit show.” Indigo rolled their eyes, “Good luck.” Indigo quickly stepped away to help the next customer leaving Mari to fend for herself.

“Okay!” Mari popped up at the end of the counter with a cup in hand. “One black coffee, but not too bitter.” Handing over the cup she watched him take a sip to get…no response. He simply walked away and left. “I guess it was okay then?” She murmured to herself. “You won’t know until next time you try to take his order.” Indigo pipped up. “Well then…” Mari shrugged, “I’m going to assume I knocked it out of the park.” She clicked her tongue for emphasis. “Mhm. Just wait. I’ve been trying to make the perfect blend for over a month now.” Indigo sighed. “There. There.” Mari gave them a pat on the shoulder. “Oh, piss off.” Indigo chuckled before getting back to work.

“I’ll meet you there!” Mari waved Indigo off before heading to the underground and catching a train home. Several flights of stairs later she stood in the entryway of her pride and joy of an apartment. Walking through the short entry hall it opened into a single room with a kitchen to the left and a small dining set up between the kitchen and the wall opposite the door. The wall ran the entire length of the apartment with two large windows overlooking the street below. In sight of the first window was a couch with it’s back facing the kitchen and a chest like table in front of it. Between the two windows was her television and in sight of the second window stood her king sized bed flush against the far wall. Across the windows were her bathroom and a shallow, but long closet. The appliances were a bit dated, but she didn’t care. All she’d ever wanted was brick and view of something- anything.

Making her way over to the bathroom she peeled off her bakery clothes and hopped in the shower. Wrapping a towel around herself she wiped the steam off the mirror to see the same old face staring back at her. Dark, almond shaped eyes with brown skin and rose gold curls. She tip toed out of the bathroom to quickly draw the curtains closed before shifting though her clothes. Mari had nearly finished perfecting her eye liner when her phone buzzed. Grabbing it off the counter she tried not to roll her eyes at the name.


Mari tapped the side of her phone thoughtfully before putting it down and getting back to the task at hand. “Let’s not slide down that rabbit hole again…” She murmured to herself. Once finished she made her way back towards the underground.

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Featured Content : Snow Storm

I sit inside by the fire,

Warm and toasty; wrapped by layers

Of padded quilt and sipping heavily steeped tea.

There are drafts and words crumpled

Before my feet. Miserable failures them all,

All except the few burning in the fire.

Through my window I can see a storm,

White swirls that pierce an endless darkness.

I want to go out and feel.

You are at home; asleep in bed

Dreaming of another, of warmth and light

And all the girls you’ve yet to plunder.

The fire can be beautiful to see,

But the house, the walls, the family

Don’t call for me.

The dark, the cold, the bitter biting snow,

That is where I long to be.

To be frozen and in your arms.

There is beauty in a raging storm,

In the layers of snow and shadows,

But you can’t see that.

That I’m unnerved by the warmth,

When I know how easily it is put out.

How temporarily I can hold on to you.

I never thought I’d try

To live in a house ordinary and wistful,

But I do- for you.

I sit inside by the fire,

Melting like snow introduced to flames,

Only wanting , craving my ice.

Another log into the fire…

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Snow Storm



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