Company Announcements

First Blog Post

Dear Viewers,

Welcome! Our small little publications house is pleased to have you stopping by. If you allow us to briefly explain why it’s worth your time we think you may get something out of it.

First off, there exists our important mission statement: to protect the rights of writers in a way that is beneficial to them as creators. So how do we aim to achieve that vague idea?

Simple! By listening to the two basic needs that writers have today: (1) the inability to maintain the rights over their work after finally gaining interest by publication/media houses, and (2) helping writers ensure they can earn the money that is deserved to them.

Such simple concepts everyone overlooks or puts up with. However, we believe it is time to change that. In a high tech world were information is at your fingertips, but unfortunately a headache to actually understand, Knights Publications aims to be your medium.

We can assist you in finding affordable editors, affordable illustrators, and help you self publish your works under your own terms. Unbelievable right!? Well, believe it, because there exists a simple reason why.

Our publication house initially started to help close friends protect their works. However, we soon came to the realization that their exists a whole collective of people who are uneducated about protecting their work. Keeping the information to ourselves feels completely wrong!

So please join us on journey as both a growing publications house and as a medium for your needs! We promise you it is worth it.

Feel free to browse our early contributors and their works. It will be constantly changing!

Lauren Grace Zemel – Acting Representative of Knights Publications


Company Announcements

Welcome !

Dear Stop-Er-Byers,

Welcome to our lovely little site. As you can see we are in the beginning stages of building an interactive platform to get in contact with young and inspiring writers. Check out our current content to see the direction we are heading in.

If what you read interests you feel free to shoot us an email about what we do specifically and how we can help you. We know our website still seems to need work; however, the tools we have our real!

So don’t be shy and let us know about you. We will happily help you learn how to protect your writing.

From One Writer To Another,

Lauren Grace Zemel РActing Representative  of Knights Publications